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Our Hillsborough County manufacturing sector looks nothing like it did fifty, or even twenty years ago. Innovative technology has totally transformed the manufacturing sector over the past decades. People who love working in a hands-on, high-tech environment, creating things that have a tangible impact on the world will find unlimited opportunities in manufacturing.

Diverse and dynamic environment

Diverse and dynamic environment

Our manufacturers serve a vast number of industries, from aerospace and national defense to medical devices and food and beverage. That means there’s plenty of opportunity for different types of people, working in different types of places.

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Products that make a difference

Products that make a difference

Hillsborough County manufacturers make products that make a real impact on our world. These products touch our daily lives in ways we may never even realize.

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Strong demand for skilled talent

Strong Demand for Skilled Talent

Today’s manufacturers rely on increasingly advanced technology–and they need skilled workers to develop and operate it.

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Accelerated Training and Education

Accelerated Training and Education

Our focused training and education programs create a clear path to the hottest career opportunities in manufacturing today.

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High earning potential

High earning potential

Average annual salary for a Florida manufacturing employee is 72% higher than the statewide average private sector wage

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Long-term career potential

Long-term career potential

Our focused training and education programs create a clear path to the hottest career opportunities in manufacturing today.

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Manufacturers are looking to hire more CNC Operators, who earn $19.50 per hour and $31,616 per year, on average.

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Hillsborough County manufacturers serve a wide range of industries, producing products that we use every day.

Aviation & Aerospace

Assembling airplanes and jets is just the beginning of Aviation and Aerospace manufacturing. Get involved with creating the smallest electromechanical components, cabin liners, and more.

Medical Devices & Equipment

If you like helping to make a difference in people's’ lives, then Medical Devices and Equipment manufacturing could be for you. Have a hand in making things like surgical devices and artificial limbs to help better the lives of those who need them.

Transportation & Logistics

As the home of the Kennedy Space Center, Florida is often known for its reputation in rockets. However, Florida is making strides in the transportation manufacturing field down here on the ground as well, from the creation of helicopters, emergency response vehicles, boats, and bicycles too.

Food, Beverage, Pharmaceuticals & Packaging

Florida’s tropical climate gives way to many opportunities for producing different crops and products. Orange juice, soft drinks, meats, drugs, vitamins, and containers are just some of the many products that can be manufactured right here in the Sunshine State.

Machining & Product Fabrication

Metal fabrication involves the production of precision parts and components in very large quantities. In Florida, metal fabrication can be found all over the state, and continues to grow.

Product Design & System Integration

If you’re intrigued by making things operate more efficiently, you may feel right at home doing product design and system integration. Today, automated machines require many pieces of technology and equipment to work together cohesively in order to create products as quickly and accurately.


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A look inside some of Hillsborough County’s manufacturing firms.

Southern Manufacturing Technologies, Inc.

Since its establishment in 1983, SMT has stood a leader in providing high precision components and assemblies for aircraft, aerospace and defense industries. Some of its customers include: Aerocontrolex, Conax (Cobham), Honeywell, Teledyne and Woodward Governor. Its 20,000 sq ft facility in Tampa serves as a launch pad for manufacturing parts used in space vehicles, mars rovers, military/general aviation aircraft, regional and large jet planes, missile defense systems and satellites.

Tampa Tank / Florida Structural Steel

Tampa Tank, Inc. (TTI), established in 1953, and Florida Structural Steel (FSS) acquired in 1984 have successfully served the US and International markets for over 50 years. They provide complete design, shop fabrication, shipment, field erection, inspection, and testing of welded steel products and pipelines for the petroleum, chemical, power, refining, mining, water, waste-water treatment, air pollution control, pulp and paper industries, as well as structural steel for commercial building and bridges.

AMALIE Oil Company

AMALIE Oil Company, founded in 1903, is a global leader in the manufacturing and marketing of motor oil and industrial lubricants, shipping to 50 states and over 100 countries. The family-owned and -operated company boasts two world-class facilities: a 20-acre production site in Port Tampa Bay, Florida’s largest deep water port, and a 42-acre facility in Charleston, S.C., totaling more than 650,000 square feet in warehouse and manufacturing space.